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Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder LinkedIn Success Systems

Miles’s experience spans 30 years and has been built up in business development, marketing and digital roles, with a record of delivering profit and growth in corporates, professional services and SME’s.

This background has provided the perfect foundation to understanding how LinkedIn can be used as a very powerful business development and marketing tool, and how it should be integrated in daily activities.

Most people approach LinkedIn form a social media perspective and often miss its business development potential. If you engage with LinkedIn as a social media platform you will have little success. However, if you think it of a dynamic database of contacts, cloud based that you can cut and slice in many and different engaging ways, you will be well on your way to success.

Miles worked his way up through companies in many challenging sectors, learning how to work and thrive in challenging environments with no money, nurture relationships and be disciplined in applying processes and systems.

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Steve Ponton

Associate Partner

Steve Ponton has been active on LinkedIn since 2004 and has specifically developed his knowledge and expertise on the platform for the past five years. Working with SME’s as a Federation of Small Businesses Advisor, Steve supports members to maximise the benefits offered and to connect his extensive network online and offline. As a business owner in his own right he understands the challenges of running and growing a business. He is experienced in advising and supporting start-ups and is active in mentoring and coaching young adults for Social Enterprise, Orbit Infinity as the Edinburgh Gaffer.

Steve has a background of measurable success using Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling and Large Account Management in global manufacturers Nokia and Huawei and operational experience in Motorola and Leonardo. From his experience, Steve fully understands the importance of utilising LinkedIn regularly as a tool for improving business development and marketing using very targeted and effective methods and how to best integrate it into daily routines.

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Martin Sattrup Christensen

CEO Denmark and Scandinavia

Martin Sattrup Christensen is a LinkedIn expert and has been active on LinkedIn since 2004. Martin is one of the few internationally experienced directors and professional board members with strong proven results in business management, innovation and business development in small and medium-sized businesses as well as start-ups.

Martin combines his understanding of building business models focusing on execution and results. Results created on solid business understanding as well as knowledge of how to lead, motivate and create results-oriented cultures.

Martin has successfully used Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling in international organizations such as ISS, Compass Group, SSP and Berendsen Textile Service to create significant results.

This background has created the perfect basis for understanding and communicating how LinkedIn can be used as a highly effective business development and marketing tool, including how best to integrate into daily routines.

Most access to LinkedIn is from a Social Media perspective and therefore loses the opportunity to use it for business development. If you go to LinkedIn, as a dynamic database of contacts and potential leads that are free in the cloud, which can be divided and segmented in many ways, you’re well on track to achieve success and growth. Martin has been a super user on LinkedIn since 2004, and thus, by actively using LinkedIn achieved many good results.

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