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Working out in the LinkedIn gym

“LinkedIn is like a gym…you don’t have to work out on all of the equipment all the time.” During our presentations and training sessions on our LinkedIn Success Blueprint we often use the analogy of comparing LinkedIn to the gymnasium and for good reasons – LinkedIn has many different ‘pieces of shiny equipment’, all vying

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LinkedIn: A marathon in 20 mins

LinkedIn may sometimes make you feel like you are running in a marathon but the way to ensure you cross the winning line is to compete in 20-minute bursts. In our previous article, we discussed how LinkedIn is like a gym and we considered the traits that lead to success on the platform; Our main

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Glasgow LinkedIn Training Seminar: Segmenting your connections to boost your success

LinkedIn Success Blueprint extends its thanks to the 80 Glasgow-based business professionals who attended our training seminar at the Grand Central Hotel earlier this month. The enthusiastic delegates heard two sessions from Miles Duncan on how to really get to grips with LinkedIn to help grow visibility, referrals and to find new clients. Miles said that

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LinkedIn Success: Allstar is the tip of the iceberg!

We believe that LinkedIn is the best tool in the world for finding new suspects, prospects, generating referrals and cultivating ‘go-to’ expert status. However, getting to the breakthrough point where all this happens consistently requires a lot more than just having a great profile. But I’m an Allstar! It can be argued that LinkedIn perhaps

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