Edinburgh Professional Services LinkedIn seminar

Edinburgh business professionals were shown how to use LinkedIn to effectively promote your skills, people, products and services at the event run by LinkedIn Success Blueprint on Tuesday.

Miles Duncan shared some unique insights on how to use LinkedIn to develop trust and credibility and leverage the strength of online relationships, at the event held at The Dome in Edinburgh.

One of the delegates said: “I am using LinkedIn as part of my business development but Miles showed me that I could be doing this much better.”

They continued: “I didn’t appreciate how much LinkedIn could be doing for my business. I learned that I could use it to stay close to my clients, and I was shown some tactics I could use to harness their recommendations to get more business.”

Miles explained: “LinkedIn is all about building trust and credibility – starting conversations and nurturing them.

“Companies and individuals who have been through our training learn also learn 9 clever ways to use the platform to grow valuable online networks they can turn into real-world business opportunities.”

Miles added: “All of the delegates who attended this LinkedIn training seminar, will get access to our online Profile Health Check tool.  This tool shows how to avoid making some of the common mistakes that may be damaging your business and also gives some quick fixes you can implement today that will boost your performance on LinkedIn.”

Complimentary LinkedIn Learning Session in Glasgow


Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banking Group, 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, G1 2HL.


Fact: LinkedIn is the most powerful business development tool in the B2B sector

Fact: LinkedIn is the most underutilised tool in the B2B sector

Why? Lack of knowledge; you don’t know what you  don’t know!

Its not plug and play… you need to learn LinkedIn.

Do you want to nail your business development goals?


If the answer is YES. Click to register here now , as we only have 50 places (all our complimentary events in 2015 were over subscribed)

What you will learn in this high impact high value session:

Build a great Profile*Generate and target with missile accuracy prospects* Win clients * Maintain your  existing relationships effortlessly * Stream referrals like  music * Enjoy record profile views * Climb Google rankings * Send more traffic to your  website * Position yourself as the go-to-expert * Measure your  activity & successes * How to make that career move*

The typical  attendee is a proactive self motivated individual keen to learn to work smarter and invest in themselves.

Is this for you?

  • Anyone in a business development or sales role keen to hit their targets

  • Marketing professionals keen to leverage brand image and awareness

  • Maybe you’re thinking of making a move, 80% of senior hires come from LinkedIn

Our Live Event MantraDonald munro UK Linkedin success trainer

 We focus on educating people on LinkedIn, allowing you to enjoy free events without the fear of being sold to or closed in some way.  We believe in abundance.

OK, have we done enough to inspire you to make the time, invest in yourself and  register here


“simple and understandable terms, with lots of free tips and advice.” Ian Pilbeam, The HR Dept

“…a great way of simplifying LinkedIn  for the audience and his explanations of how  to get the most from the platform are engaging, clear and immediately actionable.” Alan Smith, ActionCoach

“ … Definitely learned lots of useful tips  and I know  that’s just  the tip of the iceberg! To anyone looking to use LinkedIn  more successfully to build  networks and develop business, I’d be speaking to this  man soon! Teresa Jackson Collaborate