LinkedIn Training at BDXhange Networking Event Glasgow

LinkedIn training

Miles Duncan was invited to give some LinkedIn training at the BDXhange at HBJ Gateley in Glasgow on 25th October 2016. The BDXhange is a networking initiative that runs events for specific sectors, in this case focused on companies that operate in the life sciences sector.

As Miles reiterates throughout all his events, LinkedIn is the most underutilised networking tool in the B2B sector. And for those that do use the tool (around half the UK working population) many fail to correctly use it to the point where they actively damage their networking chances, leading to rivals snagging the job or contract simply because the prospect found what they needed in a better profile.

This meeting highlighted some of the power of LinkedIn, including the right way to utilise the headline—one of the most powerful tools and one that elevates your profile up the Google search rankings. It also highlighted some common mistakes such as using an unprofessional profile photograph and using the site like a CV. Fixing these errors need only take 20 minutes a day, but it does take a concerted effort: no quick fixes!

Delegates at the LinkedIn training event were amazed at its hidden power in helping to find new leads and many booked their places at the invitation-only Masterclass at the Dome in Edinburgh as a result.

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miles-02Miles Duncan, CEO & Founder of the LinkedIn Success Systems

A unique and effective business development system that shows you how to use LinkedIn.

How to effectively use LinkedIn for Business Development – West Lothian Chamber of Commerce

LinkedIn for Business Development

Just outside Edinburgh, Miles Duncan addressed members of the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Club at an early event at 7:30 am. The members learned how to effectively use LinkedIn for business development and packed in some networking, all before heading off to the office for a full work day.

LinkedIn is used by many UK professionals (almost 50%), yet many of them do not understand how to use the platform effectively. Instead, many assume that it is a social network like Facebook, or simply a place to post a CV or job role description. LinkedIn is much more powerful and with a few small but regular fixes (much like going to the gym), professionals can save time by making their LinkedIn profile work for them.

Some professionals argue that business development isn’t for them, yet these days it is incumbent upon all professionals to be in charge of their own business development and lead generation. LinkedIn turbo-charges this process but as Miles notes, there are common pitfalls that can damage your chances. An unflattering, unprofessional photograph, or failing to understand how Google picks up the words in your headline are both easy mistakes, but all too common.

During the Breakfast Club, Miles launched a LinkedIn Training course with the Chamber in 2017. Having understood more about using LinkedIn for business development during the morning, attendees were eager to find out how they could get involved.

Download your free LinkedIn Explained document to find our more about this powerful tool and what it can do for your business.
miles-02Miles Duncan, CEO & Founder of the LinkedIn Success Systems

A unique and effective business development system that shows you how to use LinkedIn.

Building the perfect LinkedIn Profile Workshop – Glasgow

LinkedIn profile

Returning to Glasgow’s Collabor8te with another complementary event on 15th November 2016, Miles Duncan addressed a gathering of nearly 30 individuals from a range of professional backgrounds: freelancers, SMEs, and corporates. All attendees wanted to learn from an expert how to improve their LinkedIn profile to effectively cultivate their professional relationships.

Miles used the analogy of a lightbulb, in which the top of the profile is the brightly shining part where the most important bits of information live. Crucially, the headline of a profile is also the part that shows up in Google searches and Miles reiterated the importance of having the correct terms that people (your clients) will search for.

In his 12-point profile plan, Miles highlighted common pitfalls such as regarding LinkedIn as a social network (it is not) and failing to use a profile photograph that conveys your personal brand correctly. One example in a series of colourful slides was a lawyer whose photograph showed him wearing a viking helmet. Would you feel comfortable recommending him to a contact?

Miles likens LinkedIn profile building to gym workouts, because knowing exactly how to use the correct tools (and knowing which ones to leave out) helps you build the optimal profile in the least amount of time, perhaps as little as 20 minutes each day.

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miles-02Miles Duncan, CEO & Founder of the LinkedIn Success Systems

A unique and effective business development system that shows you how to use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Workshop for Ceed in Edinburgh

LinkedIn workshop

The Centre for Engineering Education and Development (CeeD) in Edinburgh helps members (businesses and academics) in the “…pursuit of operational excellence…”. Miles Duncan was invited to run a LinkedIn Workshop on 27th October 2016 aimed at helping delegates optimise and improve their LinkedIn profiles.

The two-hour interactive workshop was well-attended and Miles used his extensive experience and expertise of LinkedIn to help delegates overcome the obstacles in creating a positive LinkedIn profile. For example, constructing the profile like a lightbulb where the brightest information shines out the top. Delegates learned to optimise their headlines to boost their Google search rankings and steal a march on their competitors.

Delegates also learned how symmetry and design play a role in making profiles attractive to the visitor. Adding useful and informative content, such as PowerPoint presentations, helps persuade business prospects that they’re on the right track. Other simple steps such as adding a website URL and a working email address will help leads to contact you easily.

Overall, the delegates found the LinkedIn workshop rewarding: “I found your seminar both informative and inspiring. Thank you. Probably the most challenging and rewarding 2 hours of my work-life this year.”

Is your profile making a great first impression? Get your own FREE profile health check.
miles-02Miles Duncan, CEO & Founder of the LinkedIn Success Systems

A unique and effective business development system that shows you how to use LinkedIn

Free Edinburgh & Glasgow LinkedIn Event – Build the Perfect Profile in 12 steps

Before you can get the very best from LinkedIn you need to have a brilliant profile

This free LinkedIn learning event is dedicated to building the PERFECT profile


It’s a fast pace workshop with plenty of value and practical take home advice so bring your note pad and pen!


What you will learn………………

Why your profile matters

Is your first digital impression your very best

Are you being vetted in or out

Do you demonstrate you understand your potential prospects business

Can you evidence trust and credibility

Does your profile engage or disengage

Do you know how to optimise your profile for higher rankings on Google and LinkedIn

Learn to rapidly build visibility and searchability

There are 12 key steps to building the perfect profile.

The session will also highlight the classic mistakes everyone makes and how to quickly sort them


LinkedIn is the most powerful business development tool in the B2B sector …. however, LinkedIn is the most underutilised tool in the B2B sector


Lack of knowledge; you don’t know what you don’t know!

Its not plug and play… you need to learn to use LinkedIn.


If you want to learn how to leverage the rich resources of LinkedIn this event is not to be missed…..

Tuesday 15th November, Collabor8te, 22 Montrose Street, G1 1RE
5.30pm for a 6pm start. Finish 7.30pm

Book Here

Tuesday 22nd November, The Dome, 14 George Street EH2 2PF
5.30pm for a 6pm start. Finish 7.30pm

Book Here

Guest Speaker

I have also invited along a guest speaker – Michael Hughes  – Founder – Orbit Engage, who is going to share his expertise on successful employee engagement which relies on selecting the most suitable and aligned employees/leaders. (LinkedIn is a great tool for that)

miles-02Miles Duncan, CEO & Founder of the LinkedIn Success Systems

A unique and effective business development system that shows you how to use LinkedIn.

With clients throughout UK, Europe and North America this is an opportunity not to be missed.


I would like to attend the GLASGOW event [Register here]

I would like to attend the EDINBURGH event [Register here]

Our Live Event Mantra

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6 barriers for professional services getting into LinkedIn (and why it’s important to overcome them)

LinkedIn expert

In professional services, there is historic reticence regarding technology, yet technology is here to stay and evolving at a rapid pace. Broadly speaking, six barriers exist that prevent professionals from creating their LinkedIn presence and getting results.

Fear of change

First, there is the issue of change. Change is risky and exciting, but it can also foster self-doubt: is this effort worth it? But LinkedIn is now no longer optional for professionals. It is the digital business card, but offers a whole lot more in terms of creating new business, strengthening existing relationships and moving yourself and your practice up the Google search rankings. LinkedIn is the first place that other professionals look when they have problems to solve, so not having a presence—lacking even a foot in the door—could mean that your competitor gets the brief, not you.

Desire to leave it to someone else

“I don’t have the people skills” or “I didn’t train to be in business development” you may say. However, you must upskill because direct relationships are what people now want, not through a middleman. You must not only excel at your profession but grow your business, tapping into nascent skills or developing new ones. Once you and your business understand this basic reality, you are ahead of the game.

MisconceptionsLinkedIn Expert

On the face of it, LinkedIn can appear like a glorified Facebook. The reality is, like Facebook, many people use it — 22 million in the UK alone. It is tailor-made for professionals and the services you provide and is the number one B2B database in the world. For the most part it is free and represents an efficient way to foster new professional relationships.

Lack of time

Time. You don’t have enough of it, and creating an effective LinkedIn profile demands some of your most precious resource. But there are shortcuts available and content can be repurposed. Just small bursts of time each day—think of it like going to the gym—help keep your profile lean and focused, so your activities are effective and pay dividends.

Fear of going public

Another barrier is the fear of putting yourself out there in public, to many millions of people. You have full control over what people see, but this control requires skill and it is not simply a case of plug and play with LinkedIn. You need to bring online what you do offline.

Lack of skills

Finally, you don’t need digital skills to make your profile accurately mirror your professional life. This can be done with baby steps to build confidence and—most likely—outside help from other professionals that can help you get that boost that a LinkedIn profile provides.

Many professionals fear using LinkedIn or do not think it is worth their time. But it cannot be ignored anymore because building your LinkedIn presence effectively can put you and your business out in front.

Find out how to get more from LinkedIn by downloading the LinkedIn Explained PDF.

The next complimentary events are both in November, with the first on Tuesday 15th November 2016 at Collabor8te (Glasgow), followed by an event at The Dome (Edinburgh) on Tuesday 22nd November 2016. Registration is now open and on our events page.

Busting LinkedIn Myths and Misconceptions: Glasgow LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn expert Glasgow

More than 50 people attended the LinkedIn Myths and Misconceptions Busting session, run by LinkedIn expert Donald Munro on 15th September 2016 at Collobor8te, Glasgow. This was Collabor8te’s first event in their new downstairs space and was attended by a mix of freelancers, SMEs and corporates.

Teresa Jackson from Collabor8te said “We were delighted to host the LinkedIn Success Systems seminar. Everyone enjoyed the night, they told me they learnt lots and got masses of content to take away with them.”

Highlighting the effectiveness of having the right profile aligned with your target audience, Miles Duncan was called to a LinkedIn training session in Paris on that day. In his stead, Donald Munro ran the event and reiterated the power of LinkedIn as a powerful tool for business development with Miles’ experience at the fore.

The next complimentary events are both in November, with the first on Tuesday 15th November 2016 at Collabor8te (Glasgow), followed by an event at The Dome (Edinburgh) on Tuesday 22nd November 2016. Registration is now open and on our events page.

Building the Perfect Profile: Training from a LinkedIn Expert at The Dome, Edinburgh

LinkedIn Expert Edinburgh

On 13th September 2016, attendees at The Dome in Edinburgh learned how to effectively promote their skills, products and services with expertise and insight from LinkedIn expert Miles Duncan.

The event was well-attended, with over 50 people from a range of organisations including freelancers, SMEs and corporate enterprises. There was a real buzz and excitement among the attendees who wanted to leverage LinkedIn as a business development tool and now understand that LinkedIn is the most under-utilised tool in the B2B sector.

Miles outlined how a LinkedIn profile is aligned with the target audience. In other words, the profile should be communicating that you—the individual or company—are the solution to your target audience’s problem. The biggest mistake people make when developing their LinkedIn profile is treating it like a CV or simply listing their job description.

The event was really enjoyable and the attendees (as well as Miles) learned a great deal. Those who want to give their LinkedIn profiles a boost can use the Profile Health Check tool to help identify weak areas in LinkedIn profiles, receiving suggestions of some quick fixes that can lead to immediate gains in business development.

The next complimentary sessions are at The Dome (Edinburgh) on Tuesday 22nd November 2016 and at Collobor8te (Glasgow) on Tuesday 15th November 2016. Register now through our events page page to reserve your space.