Profile building workshops – Edinburgh – 6th July 2017

Why do I need a great profile?

First Impression

Today your first interaction is most likely to be online and on LinkedIn.

First Impact – 4 seconds

You have about 4 seconds to engage.

Your profile needs to communicate credibility, professionalism, value, benefits and solutions. You most likely have a CV, job description or talk about how great your company is….no one is interested in this.

Engagement – the next 30 seconds

Poor profiles disengage.

Well designed and carefully constructed profiles engage and are aligned with your clients’ needs and wants. You need to make the next 30 seconds count.

Search Engines

There are 8 hotspots to place ‘’keywords’’ that potential prospects are using on search engines to find you. If you don’t have these hotspots covered your competitors will be found……. not you.

 LinkedIn Rich Resources

LinkedIn is not effective without a well-designed and aligned profile. This is your starting point and foundation. Build and nurture relationships and the rest will follow.

If my profile was fit for purpose – what would be the direct benefit

The 4 second window

Within 4 seconds you will have made a powerful impression both on an emotional and strategic level.

The 30 second window

The deeper dive – engagement cues will give you the best chance of being contacted.

Search Engine Rankings

With the right keywords in 8 places you will be found – not your competitors.

Value & Messaging Alignment

Your profile will be communicating in a short space of time the value and messaging the viewer needs to see quickly to give you a chance for contact.

Trust & Credibility

Demonstrate you are a trusted resource, an expert in your field and have validity.

 LinkedIn Algorithm

The algorithm will look at you (and activity) and work hard to find the right contacts for you.

Effective Business Development

You will have more success building your network with qualified prospects and extended 2nd degree reach, using connection protocols and relationship building techniques that lead to opportunities. Client retention and contact is effortless, whilst implementing a referral program is simple and effective.

Effective Marketing

Quickly build presence for your services and company. Your visibility will go from low to a level you are comfortable with, and your reach will be extensive and beyond your 1st degree connections

23m Opportunities

Yes, more than half the UK working population is on LinkedIn. A database gift.


It may start digitally when you are not around… so if you’re not there, make your LinkedIn profile do the heavy lifting and lay the ground work for a great relationship to nature and build on.

Half day Structure –  in a nutshell


Profile Audit; I will audit your profile based on the 18 steps to a perfect profile

This will be our bench mark

Targeting Exercise; you can’t build a profile without knowing your audience and what your goals are

On the day;

Start with the end – Review the rich resources of LinkedIn and how you will benefit from them

Give you my 18-step profile build hard copy manual (57 pages) for reference and take away

Work on each of the 18 steps for the perfect profile

Bonus; show you how to generate opportunities by implementing 3 activities;

The 6 X1 minute tasks you must do daily

The 3 weekly rituals

The 5 monthly investments

Post Workshop

Re audit your profile so you score a PASS

Job done! You are good to go!

If you need more information please visit and download the PDF


including all guides, work books, templates and pre- and post-profile audits £99 per person

(Payment is collected prior to the event and you will be emailed separately)


Edinburgh; The Dome, 14 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PF

Thursday 6th July 2017 8.30pm to 1pm

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Miles Duncan

CEO & Founder – LinkedIn Success Systems


LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Success Systems, was founded by Miles Duncan in 2008.

LinkedIn business development systems for business growth, marketing and brand building.

Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.

A combination of 30 years’ experience and many clients has perfected these systems.

Easy to learn through a choice of learning methods to suit teams or you.


LinkedIn Success Systems is in no way associated with LinkedIn Corp. We are a third-party organisation helping companies and individuals to improve their performance of using LinkedIn through online training and face-to- face coaching. All trademarks recognised.


LinkedIn Success Systems LinkedIn Training wows West Lothian Chamber of Commerce audience

LinkedIn profile

Recently, LinkedIn Success Systems’ Miles Duncan held a LinkedIn training course for members and non-members at the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce, and according to recent feedback, the audience were duly impressed with the depth of knowledge and insight gained. Miles has been delivering LinkedIn training in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas for some years, and has developed not only a great rapport with audiences of every size, but a real passion for delivering actionable advice for those attending his LinkedIn courses.

This particular LinkedIn training course was attended by an audience that included a variety of company representatives from a wide range of industries, providing insight and guidance on using relevant keywords to target new leads and make a personal or business profile more searchable online, but what seemed to impress members across the board was the attention to detail within the take home publication, as well as the guidance within the presentation itself.

Feedback from delegates was similar in content to that received from attendees as previous LinkedIn Success Systems’ LinkedIn courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with Jonathan Haston of Perkier Ltd remarking on his good fortune in being able to attend the LinkedIn training, as well as describing the take home publication as:

‘a high-quality publication that will be my first choice for reference in developing my own profile’

The LinkedIn course was deemed so successful that LinkedIn Success Systems are in discussions with the Chamber of Commerce for future dates.

If you’d like to get involved or book a LinkedIn course in Edinburgh or Glasgow for yourself or your team, then why not get in touch to find out how to boost your success with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Profile Build Workshops;

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LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building.

Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.

A combination of 30 years experience and many many clients has perfected these systems.

Easy to learn through a choice of learning methods to suit teams or you.


Entrepreneurial Scotland hails LinkedIn Course in Glasgow a Great Success

Entrepreneurial Scotland, with their vision to build the world’s most entrepreneurial society recently provided a captive audience for LinkedIn Success Systems’ Miles Duncan’s LinkedIn training course, which highlights the importance of using LinkedIn correctly in the B2B sector to gain potential sales and fresh leads and give actionable advice on building a LinkedIn profile that works for your business.

The LinkedIn Course is one that Miles has developed and delivered around the world to entrepreneurs in a range of different industries, helping business owners build their profile to harness the power of the platform, and make LinkedIn, often an overlooked resource, a true lead generator.

Like every one of Miles’ LinkedIn Courses in Glasgow, the feedback received was positive, with high praise for the take-home brochure being just a one of the compliments fed back. This brochure, provided with all LinkedIn success systems’ LinkedIn courses, provides extra value to any attendee, with an overview of the course, along with some extra guidance to creating a profile to attract potential leads included. It was clear that delegates who attended this particular LinkedIn training session found it of real value.

If you missed out on this LinkedIn course in Glasgow, or want to attend a LinkedIn course in Edinburgh, then it’s essential to book early, as places soon fill up. You can find details of LinkedIn Success Systems’ upcoming course here, or call to book a team or one to one LinkedIn course by getting in touch directly.