City of Glasgow College team up with LinkedIn Success Systems to deliver workshops for Students and Lecturers

We’re pleased to be offering two workshops at the multi award winning, open access One City event next month, which is taking place at the brand-new city centre campus of Glasgow College. With 30,000 students and 1,400 staff members, there promises to be a fantastic pool of talent at this event, all perfectly positioned to benefit from LinkedIn training in Glasgow.

For a graduating student, LinkedIn is a gift. Your future employer is on LinkedIn. They are hunting for graduates daily on LinkedIn and with your slick new profile, they will find you. We’ll be giving you tips on creating a job winning profile that will differentiate you from other candidates and bag you the interview. During the LinkedIn training, we’ll be showing you how to research and target different individuals and companies and then connect with them, getting you to the front of the queue and putting you in the driving seat to your new career.

We’ll also be talking to lecturers about how they can get the best from LinkedIn. It is vital for a lecturer is to position themselves well on LinkedIn in order to gain access to beneficial contacts and for contacts to successfully identify and link with them. During this LinkedIn training session in Glasgow, they will gain a better understanding of how essential it is to maintain a first-class online profile. First impressions are most likely to be made online, so we need to make it count. LinkedIn novices will be coached on how to develop connection strategies during the to build useful connections with colleagues, peers and students.

This LinkedIn Course is a great tool for academics to expand their reach, visibility and expertise using simple yet effective rituals. We’ll be there to show you how so don’t miss out.

Free LinkedIn Training Events (June) – Edinburgh & Glasgow – Book your place now

With nearly 23 million members now on LinkedIn in the UK and 58% of all professionals this is a business development and marketing tool you need to be using daily.

You can’t ignore the potential value LinkedIn could bring to you and your business.

90% of decision makers don’t responded to cold calls….. but do respond to relationship builders who nurture the ‘relationship’ and bring value.

75% of the buyers of your services or products, use digital media to be more informed about you and your services – so you need a first-class digital presence and activity

Buyers are 57% of the way through the buying process before they contact you – you need to be visible and top of mind.

Buying decisions are taken by on average 5.4 people – your need to identify the circle of influence and address their concerns

Your first introduction these days is likely to be digital….. your relationship starts before you meet.. Is your profile creating the first impression?

If you are looking to achieve any of these… this event is for you;

Researching organisation and the business landscape
Uncover entry points into organisations
Targeting prospects
Retaining clients
Building referral networks
Marketing yourself and your services/products
Generating a massive, positive network
Transmitting – amplifying and leverage content across vast networks of 1st and 2nd degrees connection
Connecting protocols and etiquettes
Scoring early goals

LinkedIn is the No 1 B2B database.

However LinkedIn is not plug and play – you need to learn to use it

This free learning event will show you the rich resources of LinkedIn you may be missing out on and there is some valuable BONUS material on the day too!

A sneak preview of what’s in store for you at this event:

The new user interface – what you need to zero in and focus on
LinkedIn misconceptions that hold everyone back
The keys to success – what LinkedIn assets you need to use
The LinkedIn eco-system
What the perfect profile looks like and the mandatories it needs to have
The 18 steps to the perfect profile
The 4 second rule
The 30 second rule
A Google chrome extension that is a must have...!
A setting that is killing your profile competitiveness
Golden nuggets from our Network Builder 10 learning levels..

This is a high impact session so bring a note pad and pen – no fluff.

Is this for you?

You want to have more control, work smarter and create more time for clients and business development

You’re in a business development or sales role keen to hit targets; you need a high ROI

You’re a marketing professionals keen to leverage brand image and awareness

Maybe you’re thinking of making a move, 80% of senior hires come from this unique platform

Miles’s live event mantra

I focus on educating and teaching you how to leverage and access the 23m LinkedIn members in the UK.

Allowing you to enjoy free events without the fear of being sold to or closed in some way.

Book your places here


The Dome, 14 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PF

Wednesday 21st June 2017 – 5.30pm for a 6pm start (finish 7.30pm

Register here (Edinburgh)


Citizen M, 60 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3BW

Thursday 29th June 2017 – 5.30pm for a 6pm start (finish 7.30pm)

Register here (Glasgow)


Miles is the CEO and Founder of LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building.

Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.

A combination of 30 years’ experience and many many clients has perfected these systems.

Easy to learn through a choice of learning methods to suit teams or you.


LinkedIn Success Systems partnered with local hosts HNI training (Dubai) to deliver a dazzling Masterclass for HR directors.

Alongside its social media function, LinkedIn has powerful business development and marketing potential, but we don’t just deliver LinkedIn Courses in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Recently, LinkedIn Success Systems’ Miles Duncan travelled to Dubai to share his experience and knowledge of the platform with HR directors, and the response was, as always extremely positive.


With 30 yrs. experience in business development and digital roles, Miles has have delivered profit and growth in a number of industries. He understands only too well how LinkedIn really works and shared his extensive knowledge with the delegates, resulting in high praise for his ‘impressive knowledge’, ‘powerful tools’ and the way the course ‘grabbed attention’ with Miles’ superb delivery.


You may be wondering – why Dubai? Globally there are 470 million LinkedIn users. 3 million of these are based in the UAE. This represent a huge database of valuable contacts and intelligence in the local market as well as worldwide. The skill is being able to tap into this resource successfully and capitalise on it. The delegates attending our LinkedIn training tuned in to discover ways of maximising productivity using this valuable online resource.


LinkedIn provides access to key pools of talent that HR professionals have previously been unable to tap into. It can be used as a recruitment and talent management tool. A top tip that we shared with attendees is to position and align yourself properly on LinkedIn and use effective search techniques. Equipped with these skills, it is possible to fill both easy and trickier vacancies with zero cost and limited resources. LinkedIn, used correctly, offers amazing efficiency savings.

Recruiting Associate Partners (UK & Europe)

About LinkedIn Success Systems

An exciting and lucrative business opportunity that suits those with skills in relationship building, training coaching, and business development.

Think about LinkedIn, there are not many business people who aren’t “on it” however how many do you know that are really using it as a business development resource ? That’s where you come in and is the key to unlocking this opportunity.

Almost everyone says they should/ could be using LinkedIn better, and with our training systems you can help them do just that.

We are passionate about helping businesses to understand and leverage the rich and rewarding assets of this platform. LinkedIn is not plug and play and is largely misunderstood. We have created the LinkedIn Success System; a step by step training package that has been designed to help busy, time precious business professionals generate and manage a business development program that delivers results in all sectors.

Our systems help businesses use LinkedIn as a business development resource. Your target market is Corporates, Professional Services firms, and SME’s.

With the connections you already have and the systems we will train you on, you can develop this business part time or full time and grow a substantial income.

LinkedIn Success Systems was founded by Miles Duncan, a business development specialist with over 30 years experience. Whilst Miles was mastering LinkedIn in 2006, he discovered very few people were using it properly. With this in mind and a lot of research, he developed a training program called the LinkedIn Success System – which teaches people how to use LinkedIn effectively. Since then we have trained many hundreds of clients and have now decided to roll out the system through this associate partnership program.

Are you our ideal associate?

  • You have business credibility, gravitas and personality.
  • You’re comfortable talking to business owners, managing directors and senior professionals.
  • You’re prepared to speak in front of varying audiences, from networking meetings to 100 people strong seminars.
  • You have a background in training and business development.
  • You may have an existing training or consulting business.

What do we offer you?

As a LSS associate your clients are literally anyone in business. We have solutions for teams and individuals, from corporates and top tier professional firms to solopreneurs.

  • We give you access to tools and resources to help your clients with:
  • Client Retention
  • Building their Referral Network
  • Increasing New Business
  • Increase their number of Qualified Prospects
  • Increased Visibility & Awareness
  • Company Pages that really work for them
  • Content Marketing
  • Performance Measurements

LinkedIn Success Systems has a number of learning & training assets that can be used independently or in combination, in-house and public workshops, 121’s, Learning Guides and e-learning guides.

Typically, clients that go through our online training program achieve:

More Prospects
More Clients
More Referrals
Recognition as the go-to expert in your field
High visibility, high Google rankings for your key search words and more traffic to your website



We’ll train you on our products, show you the best way to generate leads and enquiries and give you access to our centralised marketing data base.

You have access to all the collateral you’re likely to need, and an online proposal creation system to help you win your clients, we’ll even hand hold you through your first client implementations.

As an LSS Associate you have the opportunity to earn a substantial income and the choice to work full or part time. As coaches we know the importance of work life balance.

Referral system – share in our larger success – whilst we’re helping you grow your area, we are also focused on winning bigger national clients, and we’ll need your help delivering training to some of these clients when you are ready.


We need you in Glasgow for 5 days ( 3 days week one, 2 days week 2) for initial immersion training on our systems. This is followed up by regular phone and face to face sessions with your mentor coach to keep you on track and keep the saw sharpened.


We provide you with software and administration support, telephone and face to face coaching and marketing to help you make the most of the opportunity in your area.


Unlike franchising there is no purchase fee

The following fees apply;

  • Training; there is a one-off training fee required up front
  • Monthly; there is a monthly licencing fee
  • Quarterly; there is a quarterly service and support fee (there are no other fees or cost applied)

Can I speak to a working advisor?

Yes of course we will be happy to arrange this.

To find out more information please contact Donald Munro (UK & International Partner director) in the first instance

078111 72724

LinkedIn Success Systems is not associated with LinkedIn Corp. We are a third party organisation helping companies and individuals to improve their performance of using LinkedIn through online training and face-to- face coaching. All trademarks recognised

LinkedIn Training Glasgow Masterclass Packs a Punch- with LinkedIn Success Systems


Our recent LinkedIn training Glasgow masterclass packed a big punch…..

Eager participants had their first taste of LinkedIn Success Systems revised training program distilled from years of working with corporates, professional services and SME’s on how to maximise LinkedIn for Sales, Business Development and Marketing success.

Delegates were surprise to learn that to get the very best out of LinkedIn the work stars ‘outside’ LinkedIn with our specially crafted ‘targeting’ exercise. This essential exercise draws out the relevant information that ensures each LinkedIn cadet will get the very best out of their LinkedIn experience, usage and deliver results.

Dawn Buchan (Business Development consultant for Selecta)   a leading vending and coffee services company in the UK and Europe, enjoys working on her targeting exercise with Fiona Hanks (HR Partner Director for Solve HR), a strategic HR consulting company.

The masterclass ended with our specially crafted ‘scoring early goal’s on LinkedIn … what to do with very little time that is going to pack a big punch;

6 tasks that take 6 minutes

3 weekly rituals

5 Month investments

With half the UK working population on LinkedIn and 58% of UK professional – LinkedIn is by far the B2B digital networking platform of choice.


We are running profile build half day workshops on Wed 18th May (Edinburgh) and Thurs 19th May (Glasgow) to find out more and register a place please click HERE


LinkedIn Training at Edinburgh Legal Firm inspires business connections to LinkedIn Success

A large portion of LinkedIn Success Systems’ referrals are through their own clients, and when Edinburgh Legal Firm Boyd Solicitors invited me to run a LinkedIn Course at their Edinburgh premises, they had the foresight to invite their own LinkedIn followers along to help them boost their own profiles online.


Miles Duncan, from LinkedIn Success Systems delivered the LinkedIn training on the eve of 23rd March at Boyds’ HQ, speaking to delegates from Boyds themselves, and some of their LinkedIn followers, to deliver what was described as a


‘fast paced workshop with plenty of practical take home advice on adding value to your LinkedIn page’


Within the LinkedIn training in Edinburgh, Miles offered actionable advice on subjects such as why your LinkedIn profile matters, how you can use LinkedIn as a powerful business development tool, and how to boost visibility on LinkedIn, by optimising your profile for better searchability. The LinkedIn course covered a range of other tips and tricks to building a successful business development system from LinkedIn and delegates were provided with a publication detailing a raft of information relevant to bringing them LinkedIn success.


Solidifying their connections with their LinkedIn followers by providing a LinkedIn course of real value is sure to have strengthened their connection with their followers, and will no doubt bring only good things for Boyds. If you’d like to arrange LinkedIn training in Glasgow or Edinburgh with the same benefits in mind, why not contact us today to book your slot?

LinkedIn Success Systems are also running Profile Build workshops – you can book your place here.