Stirling – LinkedIn Sales Revenue ‘Acceleration’ ONE DAY WORKSHOP

This is for you if…

• You have little time or money for business development or marketing (you wear many hats), but you need RESULTS.
• You’re more of a technician and don’t know much about driving revenue from existing clients and generating new business.
• Your time to learn is very limited, so you want a business development and marketing plan to implement NOW.
• You need to fill the pipeline with ongoing prospects and stop the see-saw revenue.
• You need support from time-to-time at no additional investment.

LinkedIn is a very effective and cost-efficient sales, business development and marketing tool with 23 million members in the UK (that’s more than half the UK working population). This is a hugely under-utilised opportunity. In its simplest form it’s a huge database of valuable contacts, prospects, clients and intelligence within your direct geographical market. However, this platform is not a simple plug-and-play – one needs guidance and quick start ‘fast’ implementation.

The LinkedIn Sales Accelerator One Day Workshop – Drive revenue through new business and existing business

Accelerate your Business Development and Marketing activities
• Walk away with a detailed 90-day plan that you can implement NOW
• A LinkedIn profile that is aligned and keyword rich
• Save time, money & resources; learn to use the LinkedIn Accelerator
• 90 Day support with a LinkedIn Sales Generator expert 24/7 – 30 years of experience is a priceless resource to tap in to

What will you gain?

By the end of this high impact specially designed day you will be able to:
• Implement and drive a detailed 90-day revenue buster business development and marketing plan
• The 90-day plan will be customised to your business
• The ability to use LinkedIn to produce results, save time, money and resources



Course Content:
The Accelerator 10×10 90 Accelerator Day


  • To achieve success there is 2 hours of pre-work
  • Completion of the pre-work allows you to get across the line on the day
  • Homework tasks guarantee your success

Then on the day…

  1. LinkedIn – your positioning
  • Develop a first class ‘first Impression’
  • Position and align your personal brand for engagement
  • Position your business (company page & subpages)
  • Keywords in 8 hot spots – get found – get noticed
  1. Client Retention
  • Retention strategies – keeping clients close
  • Increase life time value of existing business
  • Communicate with clients effortlessly
  1. Referral and Recommenders
  • Initiate a referral strategy that works
  • Activities that drive recommendations
  • Implement a monthly referral & recommender’s system
  1. Prospecting
  • Find prospects
  • Find companies
  • Smoke out access points
  • Engage Boolean search modifiers
  • Download Chrome Extensions that do the work for you
  1. Engagement
  • Connectivity protocols
  • Connecting with someone who you know
  • Connecting to someone new
  • Following up and keeping in contact
  • Build and manage engagement pathways
  • The loyalty ladder
  1. Marketing and Visibility
  • Regular transmissions (no need to blog)
  • Amplifications – reach untapped networks
  • Keep your newsfeed focused & thin
  • Generate familiarity opportunities

     7. Go to status: earning the right

  • Generate trust and credibility
  • Build and maintain your reputation
  • Protect and develop your differentiation
  • Keep your reputation at the forefront

     8. Competitor Intelligence

  •  Track and monitor your competition
  • Gather intelligence without being noticed

     9. Sector Intelligence

  • Track and monitor your sector
  • Be the first to ‘know’ & share

   10. Implement and Measurement

  • Time mastery
  • The 5 Ways system
  • Tracking your success
  • Implementing your 90-day plan
  • Access 90 days of support

(View more information on this high value high impact one day workshop on our website CLICK HERE )

After registration; what happens next?

Course Qualification & Pre Work

  • Once we have your registration details one of the team will call you and discuss your objectives
  • We will also check that this course is right for you – we want your investment to deliver results
  • You will then be given your own secure collaboration ‘basecamp’ and set pre-course homework
  • To find out more about ‘basecamp’ please look at this 45 second video
  • We will also arrange your preferred payment method

On-boarding instructions will also follow

To Register

To register for the LinkedIn Accelerator Workshop, click on the ‘Register Here Please’ link  and complete the short online registration. It will also ask your key challenges and opportunities.

£249 + VAT per person (collected after registration)

Hotel Colessio

33 Spittal Street
Stirling FK8 1DU
Thursday 7th September
8.30am to 5pm
(Course includes buffet lunch)



LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building. Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts. A combination of 30 years’ experience and many, many clients has perfected these systems.
Miles Duncan CEO and Founder

Contact Details:

Miles Duncan

LinkedIn Success Systems


Suite 345, 111 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1QX






It’s all about balance


This morning Breakfast TV had a feature on “Sharenting” – the practice of parents sharing every aspect of their children’s lives on Facebook. The piece was presented with representatives from both sides of the argument. The supporter of the practice vehemently defended their actions on the basis that Facebook is the modern way of “talking over the fence to your neighbour” and the person against was seemingly bored with the whole “social media” thing – preferring the way sharing children’s achievements was in the “old days”.

This got me thinking about LinkedIn training, the platform itself, and how it has become an important tool for B2B networking and Business Development but only as part of the “mix”.

The most fundamental change in Business Development over the years has been in how we engage with new prospects and clients. It is still all about relationships and credibility but the way in which we make that initial contact has changed.

When I first started in sales, I was handed a telephone and a stack of Yellow Pages with the instruction “here are your prospects, off you go”

Since then, much has changed. We still need to engage with new prospects to maintain a healthy sales pipeline but these days 90% of decision makers don’t respond to cold calls. They do, however, respond to relationship builders and will recognise those who bring value to them in some way or another – and since LinkedIn is one of the most widely used professional networking platform, it makes sense for those involved in marketing their business to be using it to its best advantage – one of the reasons there’s so much need for effective LinkedIn training.

Most buyers are using digital media to be more informed these days, and therefore it is important to have a first-class digital presence and activity. However, some assume their presence and activity on LinkedIn should be the sole focus of their marketing efforts. “Social Selling” is the new kid on the block but LinkedIn is not social media. It IS a powerful B2B networking tool that can be used strategically, positioning yourself and your business to network across its wide Database of contacts and engage with them productively, BUT, it is still only part of the Business Development and Marketing mix. We still need to make phone calls, meet people and nurture relationships the “old fashioned way”, but with the right LinkedIn Training, these calls and meetings are warm – not cold.

Broadly speaking, as with any business strategy, it’s all about balance. The digital age is with us, and we need to embrace it but also realise that the “old skills” still have a part to play.

Learning to use LinkedIn productively and integrate it in to your Business Development and Marketing Strategy is a vital part of doing business in the digital age, but it’s essential to remember that the human touch goes a long way too.

LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building.

Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.

A combination of 30 years’ experience and many many clients has perfected these systems.

Easy to learn through a choice of learning methods to suit teams or you.

Come along to one of our free Events

Please connect with me Lester Young Associate Partner – London, Slough, Guildford, Croydon, Tunbridge Wells, South East UK

LinkedIn Training in Aberdeen; Waterloo Quay host LinkedIn Success Systems

The stunning Waterloo Quay played host to another incredibly successful LSS LinkedIn training course on the 9th May this year. Miles Duncan travelled to the Aberdeen coast and spent an evening leading the workshop compromising of some of the area’s most up and coming company leaders. Miles felt the whole event was a triumph with many of the guests voicing their satisfaction at the evening’s learning.
The LinkedIn training in Aberdeen came during the roll out of LinkedIn’s new user interface and so couldn’t have been better timed. The workshop covered an array of the many facets and benefits of LinkedIn, including how best to make it work for your business. From the basics of building the best LinkedIn profile for your individual audience and business and finding the right level of LinkedIn membership for you, right the way through to creating referral chains and building a rich database of qualified contacts. LSS LinkedIn training covers a huge selection of topics so there is always something new to learn whether you have been using LinkedIn for a while now or are a newcomer to the social network scene.
Waterloo Quay offers office premises for a wide range of businesses from corporate giants to brand new start-ups. The modern and forward thinking office space, with its own gym and café, was the ideal setting for Miles’ forward thinking LinkedIn training in Aberdeen.
LSS hold many LinkedIn training sessions across Glasgow, Aberdeen, London and the South East and cater for everyone. When you find the most convenient workshop to attend, please book in advance as our sessions are very much in demand for a range of businesses looking to increase their prospects.

Complimentary Event – LinkedIn for Business Development and Marketing, on 30th August in Tunbridge Wells

Lester is pleased to announce his first LinkedIn training event in the South will be held on 30th August at 6.00pm in the Mercure Tunbridge Wells Hotel. This will be your chance to meet him and to learn from his over 30 years of experience in marketing, sales and business development.

With nearly 23 million members now on LinkedIn in the UK and 58% of all professionals this is a business development and marketing tool you need to be using daily.

You can’t ignore the potential value LinkedIn could bring to you and your business.

90% of decision makers don’t respond to cold calls….. but do respond to relationship builders who nurture the ‘relationship’ and bring value.

75% of the buyers of your services or products, use digital media to be more informed about you and your services – so you need a first-class digital presence and activity

Buyers are 57% of the way through the buying process before they contact you – you need to be visible and top of mind.

Buying decisions are taken by on average 5.4 people – your need to identify the circle of influence and address their concerns

Your first introduction these days is likely to be digital….. your relationship starts before you meet.. Is your profile creating the first impression?

If you are looking to achieve any of these… this event is for you;

Researching organisation and the business landscape
Uncover entry points into organisations
Targeting prospects
Retaining clients
Building referral networks
Marketing yourself and your services/products
Generating a massive, positive network
Transmitting – amplifying and leverage content across vast networks of 1st and 2nd degrees connection
Connecting protocols and etiquettes
Scoring early goals

LinkedIn is the No 1 B2B database.

However LinkedIn is not plug and play – you need to learn to use it

This free learning event will show you the rich resources of LinkedIn you may be missing out on and there is some valuable BONUS material on the day too!

A sneak preview of what’s in store for you at this event:

The new user interface – what you need to zero in and focus on
LinkedIn misconceptions that hold everyone back
The keys to success – what LinkedIn assets you need to use
The LinkedIn eco-system
What the perfect profile looks like and the mandatories it needs to have
The 18 steps to the perfect profile
The 4 second rule
The 30 second rule
A Google chrome extension that is a must have...!
A setting that is killing your profile competitiveness
Golden nuggets from our Network Builder 10 learning levels..

This is a high impact session so bring a note pad and pen – no fluff.

Is this for you?

You want to have more control, work smarter and create more time for clients and business development

You’re in a business development or sales role keen to hit targets; you need a high ROI

You’re a marketing professionals keen to leverage brand image and awareness

You want to learn how to leverage and access the 23m LinkedIn members in the UK

You enjoy complimentary events without the fear of being sold to or closed in some way

Book your places here

Mercure Tunbridge Wells Hotel, 8 Tonbridge Road, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 4QL

Wednesday 30th August 2017 – 5.30pm for a 6pm start (finish 7.30pm)

Register here 


Lester is an Associate Partner with LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building.

Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.

A combination of 30 years’ experience and many many clients has perfected these systems.

Easy to learn through a choice of learning methods to suit teams or you.

The key that unlocks LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the potential to help you boost your business development & marketing efforts, sales and growth exponentially.

With a wealth or prospective contacts across a range of services and industries; LinkedIn can be the platform your business needs to rise to the next level.

It may have a huge array of benefits but if you don’t know how to properly use LinkedIn to your advantage then it may be a massive missed opportunity. Unless you know the secrets to its potential, you may never access the array of benefits LinkedIn can provide. This is why our LinkedIn training courses are so important; you can learn how to unlock the success of a focused LinkedIn strategy, that will drive your business development and marketing results.

The unlikely hero

The key to unlocking LinkedIn may be much simpler than you think.

CRM is often overlooked and underused, but a well cultivated customer relationship management system can really help you to make the most of LinkedIn. If you neither have a CRM or the ability to export your contacts, then you are not leveraging the true potential of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn connect millions of users around the world and when you first begin to use it for your own business you need the ability to manage all your relationships. By combing a CRM system with your LinkedIn strategy you will be maximising control and effectiveness.

Don’t just take our word for it

At LSS we understand the important link between a good CRM and a successful LinkedIn strategy. Our LinkedIn workshops across Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Slough, Guildford, Croydon and Brighton emphasise the importance on combining the platform with a CRM system.

However, don’t just take our work for how important CRM is. Best-selling author and world renowned marketing expert Jeb Blount is also a huge advocate of a healthy and looked after CRM.

In his book, Fanatical Prospecting, Jeb dedicates a chapter on the importance of CRM and warns of the dangers of neglecting it. Jeb warns: “inattention to detail causes the value and integrity of the database to be undermined, leaving salespeople struggling to set appointments and engage the right prospects, at the right time, with the right message because they don’t know who to call”.

In this chapter on CRM, Jeb details just how important looking after your CRM is- keeping it up to date and adding to it after every call and interaction with prospects in order to create a “goldmine” of a database. His philosophy on CRM is simple: “Put every detail about every account and every interaction with every account and contact in your CRM. Make good, clear notes. Never procrastinate. Do not take shortcuts. Develop the discipline to do it right first time and it will pay off for you over time”.

I thoroughly recommend Jeb’s book ‘Fanatical Prospecting’

LSS LinkedIn training focuses on the importance of a good CRM in combination with a LinkedIn strategy to fully reap the benefits this digital platform has to offer. Combining the two will help you accelerate the full potential of LinkedIn.

So which system to LinkedIn Success Systems use? We use Pipedrive. However there are many out there to choose from. Be sure to choose one – and go with it. It will make all the difference to your success.

LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building.

Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.

A combination of 30 years’ experience and many many clients has perfected these systems.

Easy to learn through a choice of learning methods to suit teams or you.

Come along to one of our free Events

Please connect with me Miles Duncan CEO & founder LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Training in Glasgow – Cyber Event Cybercrime and the Legal and Regulatory Landscape Event

The Future of Cyber Security Scotland Conference was held on 22nd June this year and LinkedIn Success Systems were proud to sponsor the highly important event. In this digital age where so much business is now done online, cyber security is more important than ever. With online transactions and cloud storage, never has more sensitive and confidential information been kept online which is why you must consider cyber security in every aspect of your business.

LSS’ associate partner Donald Munro headed to the event to represent LSS and he also hosted an exhibition stand. Here he was able to interact with a range of guests at the event and not only promote our LinkedIn training sessions and workshops in Glasgow and Edinburgh, but also he was able to discuss the importance of online security for businesses.

Donald didn’t stop there. He also took to the stage and conducted a presentation on building your company brand and profile on LinkedIn and on the importance of LinkedIn security. His presentation was well received and garnered plenty of compliments for his informative and engaging talk.

Donald was joined at the event by a wealth of industry experts in the world of cyber security who all gave talks on keeping confidential information safe from leaks, hacks or cyber-attacks. Presentations covered a range of subjects from reducing risks, insurance, IT systems, policing challenges and new and updated technology and its benefits. The event was a must-attend for senior management across a broad spectrum of services and industries.

LinkedIn Success Systems look forward to attending many future cyber events and helping to priorities the importance of cyber secret no matter what industry you are in.

Lester Young joins LinkedIn Success Systems, bringing business development in the South East a boost

Lester Young joins LinkedIn Success Systems, bringing business development LinkedIn Workshops and Training to the South East 

Lester Young has taken the decision to join LinkedIn Success Systems as one of their new Associate Partners.

Lester will be in charge of delivering high quality LinkedIn training and workshops though the South East of England, working with teams seeking to integrate LinkedIn into their Business Development Strategy, which will allow them to get ahead of the competition on the underused platform.

Focussing on LinkedIn training in Guildford, Slough, Croydon, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas, Lester is very much looking forward to illustrating to delegates the value of using LinkedIn to grow their reach and connect with their target market effectively.

Over his working life Lester has worked with and delivered growth to corporates, professional services and SME’s and he is hoping to work with this range of clients again as he delivers his LinkedIn training and workshops.

Lester’s history is mainly in sales, marketing and business development, where he has spent over 30 years leading teams and building growth in an array of settings. This has provided Lester with a great understanding of the challenges faced by businesses and how LinkedIn can be used as a powerful tool for sales and marketing; an essential element in the Business Development mix.

Throughout his years of experience in sales and marketing, Lester has seen a fundamental change in how businesses connect and engage with new prospects and how that initial contact is made. He firmly believes that the key to making LinkedIn work as the great B2B networking tool is can be, is to understand how best to make it work for you. This is where a LinkedIn workshop from LinkedIn Success Systems comes in.

LSS LinkedIn training in the South East with Lester will give you practical advice on how to make LinkedIn really work from you from an experienced professional who has been there and seen it all. Lester’s invaluable advice comes from real world experience and LSS are very excited to have him on board.

Associate Partner for London & South East UK joins LinkedIn Success Systems

LinkedIn Success Systems is happy to announce that we are going to be able to offer our unique LinkedIn training across more areas of the UK with the addition of our first Associate Partner.

Lester joins LSS with 30 years’ experience in sales, business development and marketing. His experience stretches across a wide range of services and industries, working with both SMEs and corporates.

Lester will be looking to bring our bespoke LinkedIn training courses and workshops to the  entire South East of the UK, covering Slough, Guildford, Corydon, Brighton and everywhere in between.

Lester has spent most of his career leading teams and has been able to deliver growth wherever he goes. He will be using these skills to work with SMEs, corporates and professional services, delivering LinkedIn training workshops in Slough, Guildford and surrounding areas. Lester understands the challenges companies can face building their businesses and he also understands the huge benefits which come with fully comprehending all that LinkedIn has to offer.

Lester said; “the most fundamental change in Business Development over the years has been in how we engage with new prospects and clients. It is still all about relationships and credibility but how do we make that initial contact?” and that is why LinkedIn training is so important.

LSS is continually looking to build associate partners throughout the UK who are looking to give corporates, professional services and SME the very best LinkedIn training for business development and marketing using our tried and tested LinkedIn training formula.

LinkedIn Success Systems are business development systems for business growth and brand building.
Designed for businesses of all sizes – all sectors – by business development experts.
A combination of 30 years’ experience and many many clients has perfected these systems.
Easy to learn through a choice of learning methods to suit teams or you.