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Thursday 24th June 12pm to 1pm

Specialist LinkedIn Training Service

Complete Business Opportunities – LinkedIn Success Systems Associate Partnership Programme

Here at LinkedIn Success Systems we are delighted to provide an update on our associate partnership programme. As you may know, we have recently launched LinkedIn Success Systems Denmark - which signals huge potential for our expansion into European markets. With our Associate Partnership Programme, we also aim to spread our reach throughout the UK

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Glasgow LinkedIn Training … in 4 Seconds…

BIG Thanks to everyone that came along to my lunchtime LinkedIn Training event at Citizen M, Glasgow, Wednesday 23rd May 2018. I enjoyed launching my new event self help guide -  6 Quick Fixes ‘above the fold’ People are researching all the time, usually looking for resources to help them with a challenge or an

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LinkedIn Training at The Circle, Dundee

I am delighted to have been invited to hold a LinkedIn Success Systems training event at The Circle in Dundee. The Circle Launched in 2016, The Circle in Dundee is a social enterprise that leases affordable offices, community space and co-working opportunities in the city.  Founders of The Circle believe that a regular programme of

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LinkedIn Training Edinburgh – 4 seconds above the fold

Thanks to everyone that came along to my lunchtime LinkedIn Training event at the Dome, Edinburgh, Tuesday 15th May 2018. I really enjoy sharing my experience on how to use LinkedIn for your own business development, marketing and visibility. People can come along for free with no hard sell. They learn how to build a

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Speaker Event: Mindshop UK – 9th June 2018, London

I am very honoured to have been asked to make a keynote speech at the Mindshop UK Conference on the 9th of June in London. Mindshop support over 1000 advisors and business leaders across the world, so I am really delighted to be asked to join them at their UK conference this year to spread

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Speaker Event: NewbyCore Breakfast Club – Tuesday 5th June

I am delighted to have been asked to speak at the monthly NewbyCore Breakfast Club session on Tuesday 5th June. NewbyCore NewbyCore are a management consultancy company in Edinburgh. They have recently launched their monthly Breakfast Club and hold these events at Cabaret Voltaire - one of the most interesting venues I have ever been

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