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What success looks like after training

Profile; Optimised and Aligned 1
Trust & Credibility 2
Visibility & Searcability 3
Targeting & Intelligence 4
Rapport & Connecting 5
Effective Participation 6
The Rewards 7
Measurements & your ROi 8
Certification 9

Profile in the Top 1%

Having a brilliant profile is fundamental to your success on LinkedIn.

Your first digital impression needs to be effective and engaging… you are not thvettedere to say how good you are; so your profile needs to work hard for you. 

Your profile also needs to be aligned with your target
audience and you need to quickly demonstrate you are the solution they are looking for….

A well optimised profile with key words in the ‘right’ places will also increase your chances of being found via search engines within LinkedIn  and Google.


First Impressions Count… but what lies like-youunderneath

If you act with honesty, integrity and display professionalism at all times you are well on your way to building great rapport, trust and credibility.

Your profile needs to help you on this journey and with a well crafted profile that has all the key ingredients embedded and on display you will generate trust and credibility.

Further on in the training this is endorsed by the actions and reactions you take.


Make your first impression count





Can you be found?

Most profiles throughout the world on LinkedIn have some very basic fundamental flaws, that is stopping you getting the visibility you deserve.

Not only that due to the lack of segooglearchable terms being absent in key areas on your profile, you are being overlooked and missing out on opportunities. Most likely your competitor is getting found and enjoying the limelight? 

This training will fix this and more…………there is also one setting most people have switched on that is serving up their competition automatically….it needs to be turned off NOW.


                                                        Be Visible and get found

Missile accuracy

Learning the rich and extensive research and targeting tools in LinkedIn is key to your sutargetingccess. You will be able with ease, to locate organisations or individuals you are looking for… LinkedIn will even generate potential leads.

You will learn techniques to ‘smoke’ out access points into organisations you will have thought that you had no way of penetrating.



You don’t sell on LinkedIn…..

If you do you will not achieve the results you are looking for.

Unfortunately most pesellingople try to sell …. these are product pushers and very quickly lose all credibility and trust. They misused LinkedIn and wonder why they are not getting results.

You wouldn’t rush up to someone in person and give them you business card and walk off? Then why would you act like that on LinkedIn.

You will learn how to do what you do ‘offline’ … ‘online’ building rapport first then connect.

LinkedIn Success Systems have developed a very clever and effective 7 step process for connecting to people you don’t know that are either active or inactive on LinkedIn. 

When you generate rapport you will be laying the foundations of a great relationship that will lead to opportunities.  






LinkedIn is a like gym 

For you to be successful on LinkedIn you need to show up on a consistent basis.

LinkedIn is very similar to a gym…… you need to look the part that you are going to have a great workout and their to do business… your Profile needs to make a brilliant first impression and be aligned with your target audience.gym-1

Like many gyms there is a alot of equipment around and you get people who seem to use every piece day in and day out but don’t make much progress.

The clever LinkedIn workout is someone who knows exactly what they are doing, when to do it and how often.

Being consistent and having a plan will help you leverage the rich resources that LinkedIn can give you and saves you alot of workout time.  

Your effectiveness becomes focused, time efficient  and rewarding.





LinkedIn rewards activity and participation..

If you are consistent and follow the learnings you will begin to reap the rewards.

Client retention; it will be much easier to remain in contact with clients. they will feel your visibility and presence much more. This leads to high retention and communication. Research suggest many clients leave a relationship due to feeling ‘indifference’; that you don’t care.success-1

Referrals and Intermediaries; instead of talking about it you can build an very effective referral network on LinkedIn that is easy to build and easy to maintain. A great referral network should work for both parties.

Net New Business; with the skillful targeting tools and our secret suace of how to build rapport before you connect to a new contact; you will be soon on your way to building up a qualified pipeline of prospects that lead to opportunities.

Go to Status; a well constructed profile that is optimised and aligned to your target market will bring high profile views and engagement, however the skillful marketing and repurposing of content will take you and your expertise to another level 

Search engine rankings; a combination of a great profile and focused activity will help you climb rankings for your expertise. 

You’ll be rewarded for participation and consistency





Show up and be accountable

LinkedIn is a digital platform and has a whole array of measurement tools that will tell you how effective you are.

Again similar to the gym anssialogy; is your workout making a difference?

There is an old saying ”if you measure it it improves”!

The training will teach you a set of measurement tools and criteria you can use to keep you accountable and on target to achieve your goals.

You will be able to design these tools to ensure you are keeping momentum and moving towards you goals. Print

Remember the keep is doing the right things on a consistent basis

LinkedIn is not a quick fix – It is a permanent FIX






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